Small bra sizes | How to measure a small cup?

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Bra sizing of small breasts is done the same as it’s done for any cup-sized woman. But as there is less breast tissue it’s important to size correctly as bra sizes can be very close. Check out the video on measuring cup size or see my little guide in this article.

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Why many petites wear a wrong size anway?

As we keep reading and hearing all around us is the fact that more than half of us do not wear the right bra size. Percentages can be different but vary from 60 to 80 percent.

I always found these percentages a bit high. But I know now they’re not. I discovered my own new bra size (after wearing wrong-sized bras for decades).

Having small breasts we have a disadvantage of the simple fact that cup AA and surely AAA are not available in most (online) stores. But, thank god we live in the age of the internet.
I have a special article for girls looking for advice and looking for their first teen’s bra AA-B cups

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Lingerie stores do not sell the smallest cup sizes and therefore cannot possibly give proper advice. Maybe you end up with a cup A that is too big for you. Or you might not visit a lingerie store in the first place because you feel you don’t belong there. Checking an average bra size chart won’t help if cups AA and AAA are not in de chart.

How do I measure my bra size for small breasts?

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It is not hard, and only human, to go along with something that is no longer good for you. Like a bad-fitted bra.

It happens to women with all bra sizes, whether you are a plus size, medium, or a petite-breasted woman.

I see it with women friends of mine. Of the first four women I measured, three of them were not wearing the right bra size. They felt it already and saw their bad-fitted bra in the mirror every day.

The thing is. Many women stick with their bad-fitted bra size while we think this is the best we can get.

I advise every woman to measure herself at home if she has doubts about her current bra size.

Video Herroom | How to measure your breast size

See video Herroom

Of course, it’s ok to do a bra fitting in a store or let a friend help you. But even then I encourage you to write down your own measurements. Why?

As for any woman, we all might fit more than one bra size. This is because our bra size has 2 sister sizes. Your sister bras have the same cup volume, even though their cup size and band size are named differently.

For example:

  • a bra in 34A has the same cup volume as bras 36AA and 32B
  • a bra in 44C has the same cup volume as bras 46B and 42D

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Will my bra size change over time?

Many women need different bra sizes during their lives. There are many causes that may or will change our body and our breasts. Think of fluctuations in weight, hormonal changes, breastfeeding, an operation, and aging.

  • When going up a band size your cup size volume will automatically be bigger as well. To keep the same cup volume you will have to go down a cup size.
  • When going down a band size your cup size will automatically have less volume. To keep the same cup volume you will have to go up a cup size

It’s important to measure precisely. Only a slight change in measurements can change your bra size altogether. And because our body sizes may change during life, it is wise to measure on a regular base.

There really is only one way to find out what your best bra size is.

  • measure your cup size and band size
  • check your sizes in the bra size calculator
  • dare to try different sizes, especially if you know or think you’re in between two sizes.

I developed the bra calculator because I want to make women play around a bit with their measurements. You’ll notice that you might fit another size as well. This will make you doubt what size to try. And that’s a good thing.

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