Smaller breasts after breastfeeding

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Women’s breasts are unique and so are their sizes. Many of us may need different bra sizes during life. Things like weight loss, gaining weight, aging, childbirth can change the size of your underbust and breasts.

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Do I need another bra size after breastfeeding?

Women tell me they have lost breast tissue after having their child or children. When I go through their sizes with them, they usually need a new bra size.

Many of them wear an A, B, or C cup and now need a smaller cup.

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A bad-fitted bra is with you all day. This kind of bra is not giving you a good feeling, not at all. If you’re not happy with your bra, or maybe never have been anyway, it is sure time to measure your bra sizes.

This seems the logical thing to do. But in reality, women may stick way too long with their bad-fitted bras (happened to me).

Having a child and breastfeeding your child can have an impact on your breast tissue and you may find your boobs sag (even) more than before.

Why we don’t take action (it’s so human)

  • we somehow stick to a cup size we are used to (even if it no longer fits us)
  • although we need only about 10 minutes of our time to check upon our sizes, it’s not on our priority list, especially with a young child around
  • women with small breasts need to look at a bra size chart that includes all small sizes (or you will just miss your size and go for something that’s close but not right for you!)

Having smaller breasts after breastfeeding is very common. If this is the case you cannot possibly be wearing the same bra size that you were used to.

How to measure my breasts?

Measuring your bra sizes is something every woman should do. For some, because of body changes, it would have to be a regular thing to do.

Of course, you can ask someone else to measure your sizes. That’s fine.

Always check your sizes in a chart including small cups

bra size chart small cups
Bra size chart sizes AAA – B

The common bra size charts usually start from cup A. If you are small breasted be sure to check a bra size chart including AAA, AA, and A cups. Maybe your underbust size has changed and so have your boobs. This could, for example, mean you would go from 38A to 40AA or 40AAA.

Which bras should I look for?

Once you know your best bra size you could wear anything you like. If you wear the right bra size any style of bra can be good for you. It’s personal of course. But wearing the right bra size will make all the difference in the world.

Just one more thing about sizing you need to know.

It could be you would fit 2 bra sizes.

When you are just in between two measurements you could actually fit different sizes. Try both sizes if needed.
I wear bras in 34AA, but I also wear 36AAA (cup size is the same but the band is a bit wider). I even have some 34A depending on the model and brand.

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Check my bra calculator or your shop for bras & size charts

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